Miku, Toronto

The other day my friend Katie and I drove to Toronto for the first time in about four months. We had planned on going to Miku for my birthday dinner back in June, but because everything closed down we never got the chance. Miku re-opened for patio dining last week, and we jumped on the chance to go there once again for dinner.

We picked a weeknight, early dinner time so it wouldn’t be too busy. This worked out really well because for the majority of our evening the restaurant was fairly quiet. The number of customers picked up later in the evening, and I’m sure on weekends the place is packed (as packed as they can be with social distancing measures in place).

The patio is covered with a roof, so our table was shaded and very comfortable to sit at.


Wine: Stoneburn Sauvignon Blanc

We always order the same thing; Oysters, Miso Soup, Crispy Brussels Sprouts, and the Aburi Oshi Sampler, which is flame-seared, pressed sushi with a variety of Miku’s signature sauces.


The Oshi sampler is my favourite item on the menu, but it contains mayonnaise, which I can’t eat anymore due to allergies. If you don’t have allergies I highly recommend it! I almost ate it despite my allergies, but I sadly let Katie have the sampler to herself. The staff were very happy to prepare me something similar without mayo, and it was also very good.


Miku definitely has the best sushi I’ve ever had. They use high quality ingredients, making it more expensive but definitely worth what you get. It’s probably a good thing that Katie and I don’t live closer because we would spend all of our money there!

After dinner Katie and I took a walk down by Toronto Lakeshore, which was cool and shaded by early evening. Looking at the water you can’t help but feel more relaxed.


We also came across a tiny gelato shop called Chavo Gelato House. They had a few dairy free options, so I was able get one. I find it difficult to find vegan gelato in Canadian ice cream shops, so I was very excited by this! I got the Pistachio gelato and it was flavourful and creamy rather than icy like a lot of vegan ice creams I’ve tried.


We took our gelato and enjoyed it by the water before heading home for the evening. The weather was perfect, and it turned out to be a wonderful day out.


I should mention that everyone was very respectful at keeping their masks on unless they were eating or taking a quick photo. We felt safe the entire time we were at Miku and by the lake.

Getting out of the house for the day refreshed me. I’ve been inside for months now, and every time I get to do something “normal” I feel so much better.

I hope there is somewhere close by where you can go have a nice evening out too. Just make sure they are following safe protocols!

You can book a patio table at Miku here.

Take care!

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5 thoughts on “Miku, Toronto

    1. For years I never tried it because my family doesn’t eat it, but when I was old enough to go out with friends I tried it for the first time and became an instant fan. Thanks for commenting!

  1. Sushi always looks like art to me and I cannot eat fish like that because of my allergies to fish. The odd thing is I can have shell fish so I make it up that way. What a beautiful dock view also!

    1. It really can be artistic! I’m glad you can have shell fish, it’s so good! I have allergies to cow’s milk and eggs, so I know the challenge.
      Thanks for commenting!

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