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If you’ve ever been to Toronto, you’ll know how beautiful Front Street is. The buildings have an old time feel to them that you don’t always find in Toronto. I was there for an interview on Monday and arrived earlier than usual so I could take my time and take in my surroundings.


IMG_1402editIf you’re wondering, the building above has a painting on it.  That isn’t a banner!

Prior to my interview I stopped at Marché for lunch.IMG_1398


It’s just up the road from Front Street on the corner of Bay and Adelaide.  It runs along nearly the entire block, and is a part of the Bay St. Concourse.

IMG_1344 IMG_1385

The restaurant is designed like an indoor market with various booths.  When you enter the restaurant you are given a card.  Then you can get food from as many booths as you want, swipe the card, and then pay for everything when you leave.  Some of the booths available include a bakery, a soup and sandwich bar, a grill, seafood, stir-fry, salad and fruit bars, pasta bar, a cafe, and even a sushi bar.


IMG_1353   IMG_1357 IMG_1359 IMG_1361 IMG_1363 IMG_1365 IMG_1366 IMG_1368 IMG_1370 IMG_1373

You can also eat in or take it with you.


Note: even the washrooms are too cute!

I was craving Stir Fry, but the line was massive.  Not wanting to be late for my interview, I got a grilled sandwich instead. I also had a sip of my friend’s hot chocolate, which was delicious!  It almost tasted like melted ganache.



If you are ever close by, definitely try Marché.  There is something for everyone.  Even kids will love it!
There is also a café version on the lower level of the Bay St. Concourse where you can quickly grab a coffee and a snack.  After my interview I actually went back so I could get macarons for the trip home! I’d show you a picture, but they didn’t last long.

Here is the link to their website. Maybe you will find one near you!
Take care!

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