Coffee and Crêpes

Today turned from a normal day at college into quite a lovely adventure.
My only plan was to go home for the weekend and curl up on the couch.  But when my Mom came to pick me up at school, we decided to go downtown for a coffee and to lust over the gorgeous houses and buildings there.

Here is the Towne Square.  At the moment there is a massive ice rink in the middle, but you get the idea!


During our walk, we passed by this adorable little restaurant called The Crêpe Kitchen.  On a whim we decided to go in.


Best decision ever!  First of all, the interior of the restaurant is just adorable. And the staff make you feel welcome right away.


My mom and I both went for the crêpe filled with warm apples, cinnamon and custard.  So delicious! For you Canadians out there, if you’re ever in Downtown Oakville definitely give this place a try.

IMG_1788 edit

As if we weren’t full already, we headed over to Starbucks to get our lattes.  Vanilla Bean Latte for Mom and Chai Tea Latte for me.  Then it was back to the car, which luckily for us was parked right near the beautiful Lake Ontario.



We didn’t last long though. It is quite chilly out there!  But not to worry Lake Ontario, we’ll be back. Preferably in the spring!

19 thoughts on “Coffee and Crêpes

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  2. The first photo … is it Oakville? If I remember correctly, it is a patch of grass during the summer. It’s the first time I see a winter shot of this place. Thanks!

  3. Congratulations on setting up your blog, Kelly. It looks like you are off to a great start already. All the best with your studies 🙂 and of course, have fun!

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